281st Meeting of Burbach Lodge


The Brethren of Burbach Lodge had reason to celebrate at the 281st meeting held in March.  This meeting marked the 40th anniversary of the consecration of the Lodge.  Founding member and the first Master of the Lodge W. Bro. Allison Gibson-Leitch, who recently received his 50 year certificate regularly attends the lodge, sent his sincere wishes to those present. 

During the meeting an initiation ceremony was conducted for Bro. Thompson (the initiate), who  found our Lodge through the website, and after making contact via the site, and learning more about Masonry asked if he could join the Lodge.

W. Bro. Alan James also celebrates 40 years in Masonry this coming April, being the first candidate to be initiated into Burbach Lodge in that first year.

Worshipful Master Chris Blunt requested a photograph of the Brethren be taken at the end of the meeting to commemorate the anniversary.  During the festive board, Chris was joined in cutting a celebration cake by W. Bro. Philip Briggs and W. Bro. Glyn Hart who were Masters at 30 and 20 years, respectfully, as well as W. Bro Alan James.